2 young cats found inside the transporter left on I-295 in Mount Laurel


Two young cats were found left on the side of a busy road in Burlington County.

The cats were found on the side of Interstate 295 in Mount Laurel Township on Monday evening. A passer-by called the police after spotting a porter on the road.

“I don’t know if the transporter was just left on the side of the road. I don’t know if it was thrown from a moving vehicle, ”says Ericka Haines, director of the Burlington County Animal Shelter.

Haines says cars aren’t wild.

“Absolutely, hands down, they were definitely someone’s pets. Just because they’re so friendly and outgoing, ”she says.

She says this type of incident is not uncommon.

“It’s heartbreaking. I’m just thankful they were found and are OK with no physical injuries, ”Haines said.

The Burlington County Animal Shelter is an open admission facility, which means pets can be placed there, no questions asked. The shelter simply asks pet owners who hand over pets to call ahead to set up an appointment instead of leaving the animals outside their door or on the road.

“There is no shame in that. We have no policy for turning people away, and we will always accept, ”Haines says.

Haines says the two cats will be examined, treated and spayed before they are ready for adoption in a few weeks.

The Mount Laurel Police Department is asking anyone who may have information about cats to call them.