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Applying for Home Loans Online: Latest Trends and Difficulties

Are you considering applying online for a title loan? Online securities lending markets have grown steadily over the past two decades, and that is, of course, great news for consumers who face a pervasive need for borrowing. Check out this research from the American Bankers Association (ABA): 80% of banks have invested or plan to invest in online services to ...

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Title Loans near Devine to Shave, turned into green space

COLOMBIA, South Carolina Columbia residents walked past the green and yellow Securities Lending Building near Devine Street and saw a reminder of the destructive and deadly flood of 2015. Now the building and grounds need to be cleared. The city of Columbia received a grant from FEMA to purchase distressed homes and the vacant business, according to a statement from ...

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High-interest securities loans extended by ‘grace periods’ argued in Supreme Court

The Nevada Supreme Court will soon rule on whether high-interest payday lenders can use “grace periods” to extend the term of a loan beyond what is permitted by law. state law. Court members on Monday heard arguments from lawyers questioning whether Titlemax, a high-interest securities lender with more than 40 locations in Nevada, should be punished or be allowed to ...

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