2nd attack by dogs leads to euthanasia

By Liz Nagy and the Web Team

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PALATINE, Ill. (WLS) – Two dogs at the center of a series of suburban dog attacks have been euthanized following the latest attack in Elmwood Park.

The dogs, a pit bull mix and an Akita mix that belong to 22-year-old Meleina Toedoro, were involved in two attacks in the Palatine in May. The first happened in the 200 block of West Washington, which injured Amanda Ingram and killed her dog. The second attack happened moments later on Chase Braun; he and his dog were both injured.

She has been cited by for more than a dozen ordinance offenses.

Teodoro made a plea deal with the village of Palatine which allowed her to keep the dogs, sparing them euthanasia, if she left the village, according to a lawsuit against the village of Palatine filed by the victims of the attack.

Then, two months later, the dogs attacked again, this time in Elmwood Park. Steve Heinz said his wife was seriously injured, as was their dog.

Elmwood Park Police said this had happened again; the two dogs attacked a man who was walking his dog, a mid lab, outside the house near Wellington and 77th Court. The man was taken to a nearby hospital for examination, and his dog was taken to Elm Grove Veterinary Hospital in River Grove. “I feel so sorry for the man and for the dog, really, said neighbor Jennifer LaRocco. “But it had to happen. “

There is a warning sign on the fence of Teodoro’s house, but neighbors said the dogs are growling and are usually ready to pounce unrestrained.

Neighbors also saw the attack on the Heinze and their dog.

“You could tell they were ready to attack. They had no collars, leashes, nothing, ”said neighbor Sonia Gonzalez. “It was bad. Like, I can still hear him scream.

The dogs were placed in the care of Cook County Animal Care and Control and were euthanized on Wednesday evening. The victims of these attacks are suing the villages of Palatine and Toedoro.

“The dogs are finally out of civilized society, which they should have been months ago,” said Mike Schostok, lawyer at Salvi, Schostok and Pritchard, who represents the victims.

ABC7 contacted the owner but she did not respond.

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