$3 million donation from former vet names Purdue Equine Sports Medicine Center

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. –The Purdue University Board of Trustees approved Friday, April 8, the appointment of the Donald J. McCrosky Equine Sports Medicine Center. Dr. Donald McCrosky’s $3 million gift will provide research funds now and in the future to continue the center’s innovative work.

“I am happy to help students learn and contribute to the advancement of equine medicine, said McCrosky.

Since its opening in 1996, the center has offered comprehensive assessments for equine patients with poor performance and has pioneered cutting-edge equine research. As an educational institution, the center continues to provide the highest standard of training for future veterinarians and provides high quality continuing education for veterinarians and the equine community.

Director of the Dr Laurent center Couëtilwho specializes in equine respiratory health and treats asthma in horses, said the gift is a “big boost” for his team as they strive to understand and treat conditions affecting the equine industry and its athletes.

“Don McCrosky’s gift will advance research on equine health and performance. We foresee benefits for thousands of horses and their owners in the years to come,” Couëtil mentioned.

Horses have always been part of McCrosky’s life. Growing up on a farm in Rochester, Indiana, McCrosky learned to drive his father’s team of horses when he was 5 years old. His grandfather, also a farmer, gave him his first horse.

McCrosky pursued his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Purdue and graduated in 1968. He then opened his own practice, which included small and large animals. In 2004, he sold his small animal practice to devote himself solely to equine medicine, specializing in reproduction. Beyond his practice, McCrosky and his wife, Lois, own more than 50 racehorses and broodmares, which they race in Chicago and the St. Louis area. In addition to naming the center, McCrosky named a consulting room at the Shelbyville Equine Center and an outpatient examination room at the new David and Bonnie Brunner Purdue Veterinary Medical Hospital Complex. The complex was inaugurated on Friday 8 April.

“Purdue has been good to me,” McCrosky said of the College of Veterinary Medicine. “I’m blessed with the ability to give back. I wouldn’t be where I am today without Purdue.

Willie Reed, Dean of the College of Veterinary Medicine, said: “Don has been a constant advocate for the college and a champion of equine medicine. We are grateful for his generosity and for the example he is for future veterinarians. Don’s legacy sets a new trajectory for equine health.

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