40 cats found living in dangerous conditions at North Bellmore home

Dozens of cats have been found living in dirty and dangerous conditions at a home in North Bellmore.

The Nassau Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals says 40 cats have been found inside the house.

He says he helped remove around seven cats and kittens.

Officials say the condition the house was left in made entry too dangerous at first.

A local animal shelter has set up safe traps to help capture the rest of the animals.

Neighbors on Washington Boulevard say there might even be more cats and the stench coming from the house was unbearable. They say the kids couldn’t play outside, people couldn’t be in their backyards, and there was cat droppings and dead cats around the now doomed house.

Erin Urbanski says it started in 2017 and she’s been trying to get county officials to do something about the situation for years.

“I called the city, the animal shelter, they didn’t do anything,” Urbanski says.

She says she is frustrated that her pleas for help have gone unanswered for years, but is happy the city and county are finally tackling the problem.

In a statement to News 12, a spokesperson for the town of Hempstead said in part: “Animal cruelty is a crime and will be tolerated in America’s largest township.

Nassau SPCA officials say there is a high cost to caring for the cats they have rescued, so they welcome donations.

City officials say they will be coming home throughout the week to take care of the cats that are still there.

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