A dog finds his forever home in a body shop | New

A pit bull terrier, found near death at JJ’s Customs & Collision body shop, was recently adopted by shop owners after the Corsicana Animal Shelter treated him.

Owner Jeffery Harris said he opened the shop on a Saturday morning last month to find the dog, now called “JJ”, curled up in the corner of his yard.

“He didn’t move so I opened the doors and expected him to run away,” he said. “After a few hours he still hadn’t left, so we picked him up, carried him to the office and called the animal shelter.”

Being a Saturday, Corsicana Animal Services Manager Ashley McCalvin said Animal Control was off duty. So she personally picked up JJ and took him to the shelter.

“He was on the verge of death,” she said. “He was very emaciated and battered and his eyes were swollen. We were afraid he would die. Fortunately, he tested negative for heartworms and we treated him, but he has permanent scars.

Jeffery said that despite JJ’s medical condition, he never showed any signs of aggression.

“He was our babysitter at the shelter, he was great with puppies and cats and loved socializing,” McCalvin said.

She said he may have been used as a “bait dog”, which is a dog used to train fighting dogs. It was also discovered that he had bird pellets or BBs under his skin.

Jamie Harris said she had considered babysitting JJ when they first found him, but had recently lost a pet and wasn’t sure if she was emotionally up to it.

“One day while we were out buying paint we stopped by the animal shelter to see how he was doing and while I was in there I loved him Jeffery was already filling out the paperwork for ‘adoption.” she says.

Jeffery said he already knew they weren’t leaving without the dog.

The animal shelter named the dog JJ because that’s where he was found and the name stuck.

Jeffery said the name was special because he and his father Jim talked about opening a body shop before he succumbed to cancer. So when Jeffery bought the store, he named it JJ Customs & Collision.

JJ now lives with Jeffery and Jamie’s family, goes to the store every day, and is the official mascot.