A sneak peek at Fresno’s brand new animal shelter

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — It was moving day for some big puppies at the new Fresno Animal Shelter in East Central Fresno.

They were moved to a brand new air-conditioned facility near Fresno Yosemite International Airport.

Cute kittens also found temporary kennel space here.

The brand new animal shelter is set to open its doors this week.

“We’re going to have adoptable animals available right away as we begin to develop the animals that come in from the city of Fresno. We also have some that we’ve selected that are spayed and neutered and microchipped,” Brenda said. Mitchell with center.

The workers were preparing for the inauguration on Tuesday.

Four new buildings provide a modern upgrade for the accommodation and care of stray animals.

The City’s contract with the SPCA expires Friday.

Fresno Humane Animal Services will manage the full-service facility, which has 180 dog kennels and 50 cat kennels.

“But that doesn’t mean we want to fill the shelter. The goal is always to have an empty shelter, not a full shelter because there’s nothing better than houses,” Mitchell says.

Fresno Humane also operates the county shelter.

Mitchell hopes the new facility can help reduce euthanasia rates for strays.

He will work with rescue groups to get more animals adopted and also increase education for pet owners.

“We’ve always said ‘neuter and neuter’, but it’s one thing to say, do it, and it’s another to help people do it. And that’s become quite difficult for a lot of people. people under-served areas, she says.

In the new facility, the dogs now have room to run around.

Mitchell says 85 people have already been hired at the animal center, which cost $22 million to build.

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