AHRC Suffolk and RISE Life Services deliver donated dog food and toys to Kent Animal Shelter

AHRC Suffolk and RISE Life Services today delivered donations of dog food and toys to the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton to help offset rising food costs needed to care for the animals.

Botf organizations, which provide services for people with developmental disabilities, collected donations last month to give to the shelter. Kent currently has around 20 dogs up for adoption and holds around 35 at maximum capacity.

“That’s good. We could still use the food. We’re still getting new dogs. And I’m just really happy that these guys took the time to bring all this stuff in and really appreciate it,” said the Kent kennel manager, Ricky Appling.

JoAnn Vitale, director of day and community services at RISE, said the organizations held a cooperative fundraiser and community food donation last Christmas and decided to do an animal shelter campaign this summer. “Over the past month, we have been collecting from local grocery stores and community members so that we can bring all the supplies to both shelters today, she said.

RISE also donated food and toys to the North Fork Animal Welfare League.

“I know a lot of people come into our pantry and ask if we have pet food because they’re having trouble buying food for themselves.” says Vitale. “So in addition to buying food for themselves, they now have to buy food for their pets – and pets are really important to a lot of people. And shelters are seeing people start returning their pets because they can’t afford to feed them and their families. So we try to help. …I hope they can share some of this [with adopters].”

Russell Smith, a direct care staff member at AHRC Suffolk, said people from the adult services program were very excited to travel to Kent to hand over the donations.

“We try to give back to the community in any way we can,” Smith said. “But it’s very special. These guys love animals. They love animals. So it’s very special because of that.

The costs of everything have increased over the past year – and pet food is no exception.

Supply chain issues have led to an increase in the retail price of pet food, and the June inflation rate for pet food rose 10.3% year over year. another, which was higher than the month’s consumer price index inflation, according to the news and blog website PetfoodIndustry.com.

RiverheadLOCAL Photos by Alek Lewis

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