Animal Hospital ‘Starstruck’ when Tony Iommi arrived with an injured dove | Q104.3

Tony Iommi could still be a close friend of Ozzy Osbournebut both black sabbath the co-founders have radically different stories when it comes to their treatment of birds.

While Ozzy is infamous for biting the heads of several doves at a label meeting in 1981, Iommi shocked staff at a local veterinary hospital in Tewkesbury, UK, earlier that year when he and his wife Married Sjoholm showed up for help with an injured dove.

Vale Wildlife Hospital Administrative director Natalie Gould recalled the story in a recent statement announcing Iommi and Sjoholm’s new commitment as patrons of the facility.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Tony Iommi join us as a new patron of Vale Wildlife Hospital,” said Gould. “Tony and his wife, Maria, brought us an injured Collared Dove earlier in the year. Everyone was pretty dazzled, and it was so nice to know that they would both care enough and take the time to bring us an injured patient.”

The wildlife charity is staffed 24/7 and costs around £50,000 a month to operate. The facility is funded through donations, fundraisers and membership packages.

Gould said Gloucestershire Live that Vale Wildlife treated nearly 8,000 patients in 2021, which marked a “huge increase” from just over 7,100 the previous year. The influx of patients and the increase in operating costs make the patronage of the Iommis all the more important. The hospital has treated 6,898 patients so far in 2022, with 170 animals currently in its care.

Iommi is also a patron of the Wythall Animal Sanctuary near his home town of Birmingham.

But he’s not the only Black Sabbath co-founder to put his money where his mouth is when it comes to animals. Bass player Butler Geezerthe wife of Gloria has been received the Sam Simon Last Chance Animal Award in 2019 for supporting the “Adopt, Don’t Buy” campaign against animal exploitation.

Gloria said Q104.3 Maria Milito from New York that she and Geezer became involved in Last Chance after rescuing a kitten whose head was stuck in a fence near their home in England many years ago. At one time, the couple owned nine cats and five dogs, but they have raised many more over the years.

And while we may laugh at Ozzy for his past animal misdeeds, he too has found his calling in animal activism. The Prince of Darkness even lent his face to a PETA campaign against the declawing of domestic cats in early 2020.

Plus, Ozzy’s longtime bassist Rob ‘Blasko’ Nicholson is an ardent defender of animals and supporter of several Southern California-based cat rescues.