Animal Rights Group seeks charges against Center’s slaughterhouse | Crime Report

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), Abatoir Associates, Inc., located in Center County, on suspicion of animal cruelty crimes. Seeking criminal assessment and prosecution. The Animal Rights Group wrote to Deputy Federal Attorney Bruce Brandler in Central Pennsylvania on Tuesday morning.

NS August 31 USDA Report It cites at least half a dozen recent federal law violations. PETA will prosecute facilities and workers responsible for certain violations of the humanitarian methods of livestock slaughter.

The slaughterhouse industry, on August 9, 2021, violated the brilliant practice of pigs, or USDA cWe aim to be “terrible pigs”. These exercises continued, According to the August 31 reportA stunning operator is trying to stun the animal multiple times each time.

According to USDA regulations, Only one stunner should be applied to the animal. As a result, you can quickly lose consciousness and minimize discomfort.

NS August 31 Report Learn more about the behavior of slaughterhouse associates workers. According to the report, workers violated the fine procedure five times separately during August.

PETA correspondent David Perle claims that the worker left the murder scene after shooting the pig twice with a pistol. The inspector had to point out that the pig was still standing before the workers returned to shoot the last animal for the third time.

another In the incident, Perle claims that the cow was still conscious after the worker shot her with a pistol gun, and the worker had to shoot her again.

“Reports of these disturbing witnesses show that these animals suffered from long-term painful death at the slaughterhouse,” said Daphna Natiminovic, Senior Vice President of PETA. .. “PETA is calling for a federal investigation on behalf of all pigs and cattle suffering at the facility and urging everyone to help keep animals away from slaughterhouses by becoming vegan.”

The slaughterhouse associates did not reply for comment.

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Animal Rights Group seeks charges against Center’s slaughterhouse | Crime Report

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