Animal shelter desperately needs new homes

FARGO, ND (Valley News Live) – An influx of animals into Homeward Animal Shelter forces them to pile crates of cats and dogs on top of each other.

“We are really desperate for foster homes.” said Heather Klefstad, Marketing Director of Homeward Animal Shelter.

The shelter currently has 164 animals in its care, but can only accommodate less than half of them.

“We are running out of space in the kennel all together, we had to load dogs coming out of the pound that there was no room for them at the shelter,” Klefstad said.

The shelter sent a Facebook post with photos showing how crowded the shelter is, having to pile crates of dogs and cats on top of each other in hallways and offices.

“Of course we want to save as many animals as possible.” said Klefstad.

With no place at the shelter and no foster homes available, Homeward must keep dogs at the town pound. Klefstad said the expenses add up and strain their resources.

“Having to pay for that too,” Klefstad said, “Besides the normal welfare checks, vet care, food and all those extra costs.”

Long-term foster cat mother Carly Hansen said: “They need so many foster families and there are so many animals that are overcrowded here. It is a really stressful place for a lot of animals.

After the animal shelter‘s Facebook plea for more foster families, Klefstad said he received 17 new placement requests and 4 animals were adopted.

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