Animal shelter receives $15,000 from mysterious deceased donor

On Thursday, January 20, when the Guilford County Board of Commissioners holds its next virtual regular meeting, there may be some disagreement on some agenda items, but there is one point that all nine commissioners will support from all heart.

Commissioners will approve receipt of a donation to the Guilford County Animal Shelter for nearly $15,000 from an anonymous individual who has listed the shelter as a beneficiary of an Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

Another recent donation of $10,000 means the shelter is getting a total of $25,000 it hadn’t anticipated.

The new animal shelter – which just opened last year and is called the ‘Guilford County Animal Resource Center’ – has been listed as an anonymous donor’s IRA beneficiary – with an inheritance value of 14 $696.89.

The Guilford County Department of Animal Services plans to use the money for “shelter enrichment programs that help reduce the stress and boredom of kennel life.”

The new shelter, which has received positive reviews from those who have visited it, is designed to allow for more programs that make animals happier and more engaged when kept there.

According to information provided to county commissioners, every animal in the shelter benefits from the enrichment programs, but these programs can be “especially helpful for long-term residents who tend to deteriorate rapidly in kennels.”

The Guilford County Animal Shelter also recently received an additional $10,000 “walk-in donation” from the Newby family. The Department of Animal Services also plans to use these funds to support shelter enrichment plans.

County commissioners must vote to accept the two donations which total nearly $25,000 – but, again, that should be an easy bar to cross. The money will be labeled by the county as “Miscellaneous Revenue”.