Animal shelters brace for increased number of pets as moratorium on evictions ends

CONTRA COSTA, Calif. (KRON) – When the moratoriums on evictions end, some tenants will be forced to decide what to do with their pets.

Some animal shelters are planning an increase in reception over the next few months.

Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst – This is how many Bay Area shelters are preparing for the end of the housing moratorium.

“After the housing crisis of 2007, we have seen an increase in surrenders in many shelters across the country which are preparing for it right now with this situation and the end of the moratorium on evictions,” said Karalyn Aropen.

Steve Burdo of Contra Costa Animal Services says they are already preparing to see higher intakes:

“One of the most common reasons people abandon their pets at the shelter is due to changes in their living circumstances. With the end of the moratorium on evictions, we are preparing for an increase in requests for postponement. “

People working with both Contra Costa County Animal Services and East SPCA agree that handing over your pet should be the last resort.

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“We are trying to get as much information as possible on ways to help people who care for their pets,” Aropen said.

East Bay SPCA vice president of operations Karalyn Aropen tells me they have programs to help struggling families.

There is a pet pantry, a toll-free behavioral health line, and a waiting program that provides free temporary accommodation for people working with a social worker to find housing.

She also suggests asking others for help.

“If people can contact their family and friends and see if there is someone in their life who might be able to provide assistance in terms of the temporary boarding of a pet at their home or help some stability, ”said Aropen.

The Oakland eviction moratorium is still in place, but Aropen says the East Bay SPCA is ready to help alleviate any overcrowding at partner shelters in northern California.

This will help shelters avoid refusing animals or euthanizing animals.