Animal welfare leagues of Alexandria and Arlington team up to vaccinate animals and people

AWL Alexandria’s veterinarian volunteers to check the cat. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – On September 25, the Animal Care Leagues of Alexandria and Arlington teamed up to vaccinate animals and humans.

“By connecting with people and their pets at the same time, we have the potential to make our community a healthier and safer place for all of its residents,” said Joanna Fortin, director of community programs at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria. “Today, we’ve worked with hundreds of our neighbors to make sure they get all the care and support they deserve.”

At a community care clinic in Four Mile Run Park, the leagues offered COVID-19 vaccines for humans and rabies, parvovirus and distemper vaccines for cats and dogs. All vaccines were distributed by neighborhood health staff and licensed veterinarians.

An AWL Arlington volunteer shoots a vaccine. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

The first event of its kind in the Chirilagua neighborhood, the Community Care Clinic was able to distribute nearly 20 vaccines to humans and 209 vaccines to animals.

“Our goal is to be a resource for our community, and by connecting with people near them we have been able to better serve participants, humans and animals,” says Stella Hanly, Executive Director of the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

The dynamic duo of Wellness Leagues have even gone beyond vaccinations, offering a variety of pet and human resources ranging from pet food, preventatives, dewormers and other supplies for animals at the ALIVE human grocery store!

A plethora of important health and nutrition information, support services, local recreation opportunities, free books and more was also provided by representatives from the Jerome Buddie Ford Nature Center; the Family Violence Intervention Program; Four Mile Run Conservancy Foundation; Inova; InspireLit; the promise of freedom; Nueva Vida; Leisure, parks and cultural activities of Alexandria; Superior Services of Alexandria; and Virginia Cooperative Extension.

A client and her dog pose for a photo after visiting the clinic. (Photo courtesy of Gina Hardter)

“It’s so wonderful to see families of pets receiving care and resources in this setting,” concludes Jennifer Davies, Community Care Coordinator with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. “The fuss and smiles – even through masks – is a statement that we are making a difference.”

This event could not have made such a difference without the help and support provided by all these wonderful organizations, as well as PetSmart Charities and the Del Ray North / Mount Vernon Mall.

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