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Animal welfare organization Exclusively Mongrels Limited is urgently looking for an adopter for a dog named Kona, who is at risk of being euthanized otherwise.

Kona is a Singapore Special, or mongrel, who was adopted by Exclusively Mongrels in 2019.

Photo via Exclusively Mongrels Limited/Facebook

Photo via Exclusively Mongrels Limited/Facebook

However, his owners contacted Exclusively Mongrels in December 2021 to repatriate Kona, as the dog had multiple bites.

Incidents are due to fear and resource guarding issues, in which dogs show aggression to “protect” their food or toys.

Kona’s vet had apparently recommended that the dog be rehomed or euthanized as a solution.

“Since then, we’ve been asking around with no luck finding a competent foster home in Kona who can work with him on rehabilitation,” Exclusively Mongrels said.

The organization added that it had offered to pay for Kona’s rehab training under its most recent owners, but that suggestion was rejected.

Since putting the dog in a kennel “won’t help,” Exclusively Mongrels is starting to run out of options.

“It’s our last attempt to see if a miracle could happen for Kona. Once he’s taken, his fate is pretty much sealed.”

For potential host families, here are some things to note:

  • Kona cannot go to a home with children and the elderly. Singles or couples are more suitable.
  • The new owner should ideally be experienced, patient and willing to help Kona.
  • Only the Mongrels will bear the full training costs for Kona’s rehabilitation.

Kona is HDB approved under Project ADORE, a program that allows apartment owners to keep larger local mixed-breed dogs.

Top image via Exclusively Mongrels Limited/Facebook

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