Baltimore County Animal Service Closes Evacuation Center After Distemper Virus Outbreak – CBS Baltimore

Baldwin, Maryland (WJZ) – According to a county statement released Tuesday, Baltimore County Animal Service recently seized 48 dogs from Whitehall’s home after receiving complaints about animal welfare.

According to the statement, dogs of various ages did not have access to air conditioning and some dogs lacked water. Others showed signs of fever pain and lack of veterinary care.

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The dog was taken to a major B-CAS facility, where at least one puppy was found to be infected with the distemper virus. According to the statement, all dogs are currently being tested.

Distemper is a highly contagious virus that is fatal to unvaccinated dogs and puppies. The virus is excreted from body fluids, mainly by coughing or inhaling particles, with an incubation period of 3 to 21 days and an excretion period of up to 3 months.

As a result, all dogs on the site are quarantined and quarantined. Owners are not allowed to surrender their pets or undergo contraceptive or neutering surgery. The Trap, Neuter and Release programs have been suspended and the rabies vaccination clinic will be suspended on Friday. Ingestion and reimbursement of stray dogs has been transferred to BCAS’s Dundalk facility, 7200 Dunmanway. Call 410-887-7297 to schedule a pickup.

Stray cats are still accepted at the Baldwin facility.

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“We are aware of the highly contagious nature of distemper virus and its long incubation and excretion periods, and make all the necessary adjustments to ensure the health of the animals we care for. Ready to do, “Dr. Gregory Wm. A branch of the Baltimore County Secretary of Health and Welfare and Secretary of Health and Welfare said in a statement. “Some of the precautions we have taken can cause inconvenience to our residents, but they are in the best interests of the people and pets we serve.

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