Barks and Brews program helps dogs find forever homes | Kingman Daily Miner

KINGMAN – Barks and Brews brings together the community, local businesses and adoptable dogs. Alexis Dupree, organizer of Barks and Brews, said her love for animals and the community sparked the idea of ​​creating a program that combines community awareness and animal adoption.

While Barks and Brews started in 2017, it took a hiatus. However, monthly gatherings are resuming. She said most of the events are “100% successful” which means all dogs are adopted locally.

“So the ultimate goal is to find homes for dogs forever and just try to bring the community together while doing it,” Dupree said.

The next Barks and Brews event will take place from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Tuesday, September 7 at the Black Bridge Brewery at 421 E Beale St # 5833. Four dogs will be available for adoption at Barks and Brews. People will have the chance to walk a dog, adopt a dog on site, and get a discount on draft beer to walk a dog.

Dupree said there will also be a drawing at the event with other local vendors. “It brings us together, helps our local businesses, which is my goal, and it’s important to find homes forever,” Dupree said.

Lynn Kannianen, president of Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter, said events like Barks and Brews can help reach more people in a non-traditional way. Instead of going directly to the animal shelter, the dogs enter the community.

“Community outreach is just so people are aware of us to know where we are,” Kannianen said. “And like I said, it hits a whole different group of people.”

Donations for the animal shelter will also be accepted during the event. Lawrence Wilson, senior manager of the Mohave County Animal Shelter, said the shelter is still in need of cat food, toys, crates and litter. Wilson emphasized the need for kitty litter.

“We will take anything because not only do we have it for our dogs, we also give it to the public who need it,” Wilson said. “We let them come three times a year to get dog food. “

Older shelter dogs tend to have the most difficulty getting adopted, Wilson explained. Barks and Brews try to have a mix of ages available for adoption.

Wilson said the animal shelter is currently at full capacity, which is not unusual. With Barks and Brews, he’s happy to see how successful the program is and that animals adopted at the events usually don’t return to the shelter. “I think when they make the decision, they made an informed decision. And they write it down, ”Wilson said.

If anyone wants to adopt a dog at the event, Kannianen said ID and payment are required at the event. Currently, Friends of Mohave County Animal Shelter is hosting a special show in September where they are subsidizing a portion of the $ 125 payment for dogs 50 pounds and over that are over a year old. People only have to pay $ 50 for a dog that meets the criteria, which has to last all month.

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