Bella Vista POA developing a five-year plan

BELLA VISTA – A five-year strategic plan will be developed for the Bella Vista POA.

The POA Board of Directors met on September 23 and discussed issues ranging from the strategic plan to golf course pumps.

As of Friday, POA members who have an email on file have been set up to receive an electronic survey. Members who do not have an email on file will receive a hard copy in the mail. Focus groups will begin later in October. The results will be presented to the community in January and will be used to develop a five-year strategic plan, announced CEO Tom Judson.

It is a chance for members to have a direct contribution to future planning, said board chairman David Brandenburg, adding that he hoped members would take advantage of this opportunity.

The plan is expected to be ready midway through 2022, Judson said, and will be presented to the public at that time.

On September 16, 10 lots were sold for over $ 66,000, attorney Doug McCash said while providing an update on a recent online lot auction. At the top, there were 65 active bidders, he said.

At the next auction, scheduled for today, there will be some changes to the process, he said. First, proxy auctions will be possible, allowing a bidder to list a maximum bid. If necessary, their bids can be automatically increased by $ 100 until that maximum is reached. Once the maximum is reached, bidders will be notified via email so they can place another bid if they wish.

The end of the auction will increase by five minutes if a bid is received within the last five minutes of the auction. In the past, if more than one person bid at the end of the auction, some people could not enter their bids.

Judson pointed out that most of the 10 lots sold did not pay evaluations. Thus, in addition to the $ 66,000, the POA will now receive evaluations on these lots.

McCash said there were still 38 lots in the POA’s inventory.

During the monthly financial report, Controller Stacie Higgins told the board that POA has had a “good, solid August” and the year “is shaping up to be good”.

Income, including food and drink, was over budget. Golf green fees, pro shop and cart rentals, as well as the RV park, were also over budget. Some expenses exceeded the income budget. Wages and the cost of goods have gone over budget, which is to be expected with increasing income, she said.

The POA also received $ 2 million for the settlement of a lawsuit related to the Trafalgar Road fire, which is reflected in the financial reports.

The board approved four capital projects. Two Country Club pumps failed due to flooding at a total cost of $ 53,686, one pump failed in Highlands due to lightning at a total cost of $ 32,058 and a pump in Dogwood failed due to old age at a total cost of $ 20,000.

Some of the work was already done, Judson said, explaining that the pumps are needed to keep golf courses irrigated and sometimes need to be replaced immediately to save the turf. However, due to their cost, pumps are a capital project and must be approved by the board of directors.

The board approved the recommendations of the Charitable Giving Committee for annual giving. Only charities located in Bella Vista are eligible and grants are capped at $ 10,000, Judson said. Bella Vista Recycling Center will receive $ 7,000; Bella Vista Animal Shelter $ 4,250; Bella Vista Library Foundation $ 4,250; Bella Vista Community Television $ 3,500; Oasis of NWA $ 1,625; Bella Vista Foundation $ 1,625; NWA Women’s Choir $ 1,250; Bella Vista Arts Council $ 600; and Bella Vista Calico Cut-Ups $ 900.

With little discussion, the board approved changes to policy 8.01, which compensates board members and POA officers to be protected from lawsuits. Policy changes require two readings in public meetings. Some changes to policy 8.1 were approved at first reading last month and were approved at second reading. Other changes were proposed after last month’s board meeting, so another section of policy 8.01 will be voted on again next month.

Judson reminded members wanting more information that a video of the Rules and Regulations Committee meeting can be viewed on the POA’s website, The policy and all proposed changes can be viewed at Most of the board’s discussions took place at rules and regulations meetings, he said.

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