Best Friends Animal Society CEO Focuses on No-Kill Movement

CEO Julie Castle has dedicated her life and skills to successfully campaigning for the “no-kill movement” for pets in American animal shelters. // Shay Baruffi

Julie Castle, CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, along with key members of the Best Friends communications team met with news sources across the country to discuss her latest data report. Best Friends Animal Society is a leading animal welfare organization. A pioneer of the no-kill movement, the organization has helped save the lives of millions of animals in shelters. “Best Friends has released its 2020 data report, its sixth annual report, and it shows another significant drop in shelter murders in 2020,” says Virginia Coyne, writer and editor.

Katherine Patterson, Director of Strategic Communications at Best Friends, introduced Julie Castle: “Julie Castle started as an employee 17 at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, where she joined the sanctuary after stopping at the sanctuary during a a road trip with friends, changing course over his plans to go to law school. Julie is from Bountiful, Utah. She started here by taking on any necessary work and eventually led the coalition with no more homeless animals. Utah then took over the communications and marketing operations, including the phrase “Save them All,” which is our call to action. Additionally, Julie was the pioneer of “No-kill LA,” which announced that she had officially hit no-kill earlier this year. Under his leadership, Best Friends was named the Harris Brand of the Year four times and was recognized as one of the world’s most innovative companies by Fast Company for our data science. I must also not fail to mention that Julie was recognized by InStyle magazine as one of their “50 most badass”. Julie announced Best Friend’s mission to take the country without killing by 2025. ”

Julie Castle took the Zoom scene with a touching statement; “I’m really excited to share our latest dataset; this represents the largest drop in the number of murders in U.S. shelters in recorded data history. After sharing a gruesome story about the first American methods of animal control and the public reaction to it in the early 1800s, she looked back 35 years ago when Best Friends was founded. “The founders of Best Friends founded the sanctuary and started the no-kill movement. When this happened, about 17 million animals were killed each year in American shelters. That was the state of things when I started at Best Friends, as employee number 17. After putting my participation in the ground at our national conference, at the time (2016), it was 1.5 million animals, ”Julie said.

According to statistics collected by Best Friends Animal Society, reports Julie Castle; “Today that number is 347,000. Again, this is the biggest drop we have ever seen in history. I think the coolest thing about it is that this is real societal change. It has been a chronic problem in this country since the late 1800s. Right now we can fix it and really put a stop to what the founders started over 35 years ago and create a change. quite rare in non-profit management.

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