‘Betty White Challenge’ benefits local rescues and animal shelters

KENT COUNTY, Michigan — There’s a charity challenge sweeping the country to honor beloved actress Betty White.

Days after her death, the “Betty White Challenge” went viral online, encouraging people to donate $5 to a local shelter or animal shelter on Jan. 17, in what would have was Betty’s 100th birthday.

Port Animal Protection Society in Ottawa County said donations have already poured in, reaching nearly $2,500 so far.

On Monday, they also plan to hold a “Betty White Birthday Bash” in her honor.

“It’s just a big party, and we’re hoping to bring a lot of animals home,” said Jen Self-Aulgur, executive director of the Harbor Humane Society. “We’re going to have cakes and festivities, and the really cool thing we’re doing in honor of Betty is we’re doing donation adoptions so people can come in and, you know, find an animal that they want. love and donate in Betty’s honor, then go home with amazing pets. [sic]”

Self-Augur said the extra money coming in would help the shelter, which operates on donations, continue to care for hundreds of animals.

“It cost us at least about $30 per day per animal,” she said. “And that includes, you know, everything that people don’t think about; you know, we have a huge bill for lights that we have to run, and heat and water and all those things…food, medicine, It’s a big operation, and it’s a lot of money and time to take care of all these animals and take care of them in a way that’s, you know, humane and giving them the best possible life while they are with us in shelter.”

Mackenzie Animal Sanctuary is also grateful for the unexpected increase in donations.

“It’s truly amazing,” said Autumn Russell-Huber, executive director of Mackenzie’s Animal Sanctuary. [Betty White] and how it sensitizes so many different animal protection groups. So I think that would definitely make her proud.”

Betty White’s birthday party is scheduled from 12:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. on January 17 at the Harbor Humane Society. To learn more, click here.

To learn more or to donate to the Mackenzie Animal Sanctuary, click here.

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