Bourke Shire Council Rescue Dog Shooting Legal: RSPCA

Animal Justice Party MLC Emma Hurst said the incident demonstrated the law needed to change to prevent similar incidents from happening in pounds and shelters.

“The Animal Justice Party is calling for reforms that will legally force books to contact and work with rescue groups to relocate animals. If a rescue group is prepared to take in animals, it should obviously be illegal to kill them, ”Ms. Hurst said.

NSW Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock expressed shock during a parliamentary hearing in March when asked if she was aware of the council’s books shooting pets,

In a statement released during the Fury, Bourke Shire’s council said his pound pens were at full capacity, two dogs were aggressive towards staff and each other, and the regular rehomer was two. times unavailable before making the decision to destroy the dogs.

The council said at the time that the decision was also made to protect vulnerable residents in the area due to the growing number of COVID-19 cases at the time.


“The board is very careful with people entering Bourke. The majority of council staff have been removed from their posts to prevent the virus from spreading further in the community, ”the statement said.

However, animal shelter volunteer Lorraine Knezevic, who was supposed to pick up the dogs, said the council lied when trying to get them to be relocated multiple times.

She said she arranged to retrieve the 15 dogs last week before learning that due to pandemic restrictions she was not allowed to do so.

“For them to say that we have been contacted several times is a blatant lie,” Knezevic said, adding that her organization then had to break the news to other relocation groups lined up to take the dogs.

The Herald solicited comments from the Local Government Office, Ms Hancock’s office and the council.

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