Changes to Animal Ordinances | New

ENID, Oklahoma. – A few changes were made to Enid’s animal welfare ordinances earlier this week.

On Tuesday evening, city commissioners voted to approve the changes, which included simplifying the bylaw – shortening sections and making it easier to locate topics – and removing some bylaws that are not needed.

“(The changes) will make it easier for people to understand the ordinances and rules that apply to pet owners and will make everything more manageable,” said Cass Rains, chief public information officer for the Police Department. Enid.

Certain fees under Title 2, Chapter 6, Section 2-6D-2, have been amended or removed, notably the license and inspection fees for a “potentially dangerous dog” and the euthanasia of an unsuspected animal. of rage.

Changes have also been made to the wording of Title 5, Chapter 7, Section 5-7-1 to Section 5-7-26. References to “animal control” have been repealed and replaced with “animal welfare”. The change in ordinance comes more than a year after Enid Animal Control was renamed Enid Animal Welfare “to better reflect the mission and role of the shelter in the community.”

Pot-bellied pigs and ferrets will no longer need an annual permit and will no longer need to be sterilized if adopted.

The sale, trade, or donation of dogs or cats on any public right of way or municipal park within city limits will be prohibited, although the ordinance does not prohibit animal welfare or rescue groups from d ‘pets to organize adoption events with the permission of the owner. .

Sections that the town of Enid does not use or need, such as the cattle board, have been removed and some of the fines have been reduced to lower amounts.

The amended and simplified sections are titled Definitions, Animal Welfare Division, Dog and Cat Registration, Rabies Quarantine, Animal Impoundment, Adoption Regulations, Free Dogs and Cats, Clearance, Zones off leash for dogs, dangerous dog, violation of conditions to keep a dangerous dog, mandatory notifications for dangerous dogs, concealment of dogs, keeping sick animals, keeping pigs prohibited, pot-bellied pigs, cattle keeping prohibited, free-range cattle, roosters prohibited, outdoor shelters, cruelty to animals, neglect of animals, animals left inside vehicles, dumping of animals, noisy animals and sale of dogs or cats.