Coal Mountain Animal Rescue seeks donations for a sick dog

July 15 — Coal Mountain Animal Rescue is seeking donations to cover emergency surgery for a 7 month old dog rescued from a shelter.

Angela Kapusnick, founder of the county foster home rescue, said on Monday that Bailey, a mix of Catahoula and boxers, had recently been rescued from a Texas Kill Shelter and was in good shape until recently. has several days.

“She was spayed on June 16 and she was a happy, healthy puppy, Kapusnick said. “Then it got worse. She was throwing up and hiding, and she had a fever.”

Bailey was taken to BluePearl Pet Hospital in Shillington on Sunday, where she underwent emergency surgery. She developed sepsis due to an allergic reaction after being sterilized.

“The infection has been brewing since she was sterilized, but there were no signs so far,” Kapusnick said.

The bill was $ 9,774.99, a steep price for the rescue nonprofit that was only formed last year.

Alyson Altman, another Coal Mountain staff member, said Bailey is one of 11 medical cases the rescue currently has.

“We’re new, so we’re not looking for medical cases, but we are taking them, and we pray and hope the donors step up,” Altman said.

She said Coal Mountain is a team of three, all with extensive experience rescuing animals and a goal of keeping dogs out of shelters where they could be euthanized. The organization does not have a central facility, but places rescued animals in foster homes.

In addition to medical cases, Altman said, the rescue takes care of owner’s surrender cases, such as pets of people who become ill or die.

“Our goal is to serve the community and keep animals out of shelters,” said Altman. “Helping keep dogs out of shelters also saves lives.”

Coal Mountain Animal Rescue accepts donations via Venmo @coalmountainanimalrescue, Cashapp $ coalmountainanimal and Paypal [email protected]

Updates on Bailey and others are posted on Coal Mountain Animal Rescue Inc.’s Facebook page and on @coal_mountain Instagram.

Through social media, Altman said she hopes to raise awareness of the rescue to find both donors and foster families.

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