Collingwood Animal Shelter Receives $25,000 Donation

A couple donated $25,000 to a Collingwood animal shelter.

Lynn and Derrick March, founders of the Zoey Foundation, donated the money to the Georgian Triangle Humane Society (GTHS), a non-profit charitable organization that provides shelter for homeless animals, adoption services and medical care for animals in need.

The Zoey Foundation is a family foundation that provides financial support to animal rescue organizations across Ontario.

Lynn and Derrick March are also long-time volunteers at the GTHS and take in some of the animals housed at the shelter.

Lynn is a transfer volunteer and Derrick is co-chair of the initiative looking for a larger facility to house the animals.

The money will go to GTHS’ transfer efforts to rescue homeless dogs and cats in outlying communities.

Sonya Reichel, executive director of GTHS, expressed her gratitude to the March family on behalf of everyone at the animal shelter.

“Without government funding, the GTHS relies heavily on the support of our community to fund essential programs designed for the well-being of people and pets, Reichel says. “We are so fortunate to benefit from the incredible work of the Zoey Foundation and the March family.”