Companion Animal Alliance is working to find a solution to the overflow of shelters

BATON ROUGE – A local animal shelter is packed and workers are overwhelmed trying to find pet homes.

Each Companion Animal Alliance kennel is stocked with one or more furry friends.

“We have 177 kennels available and we currently have 262 dogs in our care,” said Emily Jackson, director of communications and grants.

There were not enough adoptions for the number of animals the shelter is hosting. Jackson said the CAA is working to find a solution.

“We encourage people to adopt our dogs. Please visit us as soon as possible. If you are not ready to adopt, we encourage you to adopt,” Jackson said.

It’s not even the high season for the refuge; Jackson said she had never seen such a peak.

“Usually it slows down after our high-consumption summer months. That’s when we get closer to 15 to 20 animals a day, but now we’re seeing 40 to 50.”

Among the reasons for the skyrocketing numbers: more surrenders and more animals are being taken off the streets. The overflow puts a strain on the efforts of veterinarians and animal care.

“It means we spend less time with each animal, and it also means that sometimes tough decisions have to be made,” Jackson said.

CAA offers a special adoption until October 31. You can go through and name your price for the adoption fee.

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