Congolese company plans to send guinea pig to space

The only thing more unnecessary than sending billionaires into space is sending animals, but an upcoming space launch of Troposphere 6 – a shuttle developed for the Congolese company Développement Tous Azimuts (DTA) – will attempt to go 120 miles into space with a guinea. pig named Galaxinaute on board.

PETA urges DTA to join the human space race by banning the use of animals in experiments and transferring Galaxinaute to an approved animal sanctuary where he can live in peace, instead of undergoing a terrifying space flight.

Our animal companions are not disposable items to be used for research

Guinea pigs are social animals that communicate with each other by licking, squealing, and twittering. They are also prey, so they dig and hide when they feel threatened. Trapping Galaxinaut alone in a shuttle and launching it into space will undoubtedly be an extremely anxiety-provoking, even fatal, experience for the guinea pig.

The company has already lost an animal, a rat named Kavira, in a previous Troposphere 5 launch, which crashed into a rock. Kavira has never been found and has been presumed dead. It should never have happened in the first place, and it shouldn’t happen again.

Get with the (ethical) program!

PETA has already persuaded NASA not to support or conduct horrific space experiments with monkeys, and the European Space Agency also rejects experiments on monkeys for these purposes.

The use of animals for research is cruel and unnecessary, and wastes precious resources. You can help push science towards humane and relevant research methods by supporting the PETA Research Modernization Agreement.

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