Connecticut shelter’s cross-eyed cat goes viral on TikTok

The cross-eyed cat from a New Milford animal shelter has stolen the hearts of millions of TikTokers.

Last week, The Animal Welfare Society posted a video on TikTok of their white and gray tabby cat named Benjamin Franklin. The eight-second video racked up 10.2 million views and 1.7 million likes.

The video shows Benjamin Franklin staring at the camera with the on-screen text “POV: You walk through the dugout and we make eye contact.” The caption describes the cat as “a little sullen” but says he has the “cutest face”.

“The audible gasp of adoration of the sadness of this one. Hope he finds his forever home,” one user commented. “I feel like this cat has human eyes and a soul,” said another.

@animalwelfaresoctynm_ct Ben Franklin can be a little moody, but this cross-eyed cat has the cutest face! 😻 #bejaminfranklin #crosseyed #sheltercat #adoptme ♬ Up by Olly walls. -?’? Haveux?’?

The 5-year-old neutered tabby arrived at the shelter after a death in the family, according to his website.

“We know he bonded closely with his elderly owner, so hopefully once he’s had enough time to settle into a new home, he’ll come back and show his true personality. And who can resist the crossed eyes! ? ” It says.

The cat also had bladder stones removed and is on a urinary diet, according to the website.

Benjamin Franklin is one of hundreds of animals rescued each year by the Animal Welfare Society. The non-profit organization was founded in 1965 and built its shelter in New Milford in 1991. The organization rescues dogs and cats from local Connecticut communities and high-mortality out-of-state facilities, according to its website. Some have returned because their owners have died or can no longer care for them. Others were previously wanderers and have been abandoned.

“From the moment they enter our shelter, these animals receive loving care,” the website says.

The organization has been on TikTok since June 2019 and as of November 6, Benjamin Franklin is still awaiting adoption.