Corinne T. Smith Animal Center hires Braston Gray as director

The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center has announced the hiring of Braston Gray, a native of Brownwood, who has worked in Lubbock for several years, as the new manager.

Gray replaces Leona Cleveland as director of the Brownwood Animal Center.

The center said in a press release:

The Corinne T. Smith Animal Center (CTSAC) is pleased to announce the hiring of Braston Gray, as the new director of the refuge. Born and raised in the Brownwood area, Gray returned to Brownwood after several years working for Lubbock Animal Services.

Gray was one of two finalists selected by the Shelter Directors Search Committee, which was made up of members of the CTSAC Board of Directors and City Manager Emily Crawford. All board members met and interviewed the two finalists before making a decision.

Gray rose through the ranks at Lubbock Animal Services, performing everything from field animal control duties and working with animals at the center to client support and medical treatment of animals in the service.

He was a member of the team that facilitated Lubbock Animal Services’ transition from a shelter with a high rate of euthanasia to one that now uses public education, rescue partners and other innovations to achieve a life release rate that many Lubbock residents thought was impossible only a few years ago.

Council members look forward to working with Gray and helping him implement some of the ideas he has for the shelter and for the Brown County animals.

During a recent visit to the shelter, he already pointed out areas that could be used more efficiently and small changes that would improve working conditions for staff. He also spoke to the shelter officials about ways to help the shelter meet the needs of the community and improve the lives of animals cared for at the shelter.

Gray brings to the table knowledge and enthusiasm the refuge has never seen before, and it will be exciting to see what he can accomplish, according to the press release.

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