County Refuge, FOTAS Event Aims To Boost Adoptions

September 18 – Tails were wagging Saturday morning as residents of Aiken County visited the animal shelter for Clear the Shelter Day.

The event, hosted by the Aiken County Animal Shelter and Friends of the Animal Shelter, was an effort to adopt animals in need of loving homes. Fifteen dogs and two kittens were adopted at the event.

ACAS said a high number of admissions and a low adoption sequence created the need for the event.

“The shelter just hosted a Clear the Shelter day on August 21, but the continuing trend of high admissions combined with weaker-than-usual dog adoptions requires a second event,” ACAS said . “As the county shelter continues to operate at full capacity, there are many wonderful dogs to choose from on the adoption floor.”

All adoptable pets were sponsored and available for free during the one-day event.

Unlike adoptions at traditional shelters, dogs have been taken outside to promote safe social distancing.

“It shows the dogs outside, so they can see what a dog looks like outside the kennel and it also creates social distancing,” said Jennifer Miller, president of FOTAS.

Each dog was posted on a picnic blanket with two volunteers; over 30 volunteers came together to organize the event.

“The shelter has so many wonderful dogs who just need a chance,” ACAS and FOTAS said in a statement. “It is not their fault that they were returned, abandoned, neglected or even abused and ended up in a kennel at 333 Wire Road. These homeless animals deserve better and the dogs and cats currently available for adoption at ACAS are a wonderful and diverse group of lovable animals. ”

Thanks to the many caring residents of Aiken County, a handful of puppies were rescued on Saturday.

Joeseph Ridgeway, Silvie’s new dad, said he came to the event looking for a playmate for his other rescue, Crystal.

“Adopting dogs is an important thing that we do,” Ridgeway said. “We were dog breeders, but now we have taken it upon ourselves to adopt those in need of a home.”

Miller said she was happy with the turnout, but the numbers aren’t everything.

“If we get a loving home for one of them, we’re happy,” she said. “Obviously, as many homes as possible the better, but we celebrate every adoption. We continue to work to save every adoptable animal that enters the animal shelter.”

For more information visit or call the Aiken County Animal Shelter at 803-642-1537.

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