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Cat looking for lots of love

Casey richardson

An adorable cat who has recovered at Critteraid Animal Sanctuary in Summerland is ready for a home after returning to full health.

Isis is a one year old kitten who was found in the street and taken care of by the emergency services. She was named after the goddess for her divine energy.

“She was found to be wandering. We were concerned about her health, she was quite thin and just the normal unfortunate situations that occur when they are outside in the cold and have to fend for themselves,” explained Critteraid’s animal director. , Jess Byer.

Since then she has been able to gain a lot of weight and the vets are much more satisfied with her general health.

“We are now looking for a family that has time and lots of love to have this baby. They love the attention and love to be cuddled.”

Isis is still afraid of toys, but gets used to them and learns to play.

“We know she would thrive in a house where there was another kitten who needed a really good friend,” Byer added. “We prefer to have him without dogs because they seem to scare him.”

If you would like to meet Isis or find out more about her, email Critteraid at [email protected]

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