Dead dog, injured, about 150 escape as unauthorized Texan man unlocks canine cages at shelter

An animal shelter was robbed by a Texas man, who then let the dogs out of their cages and fled in the shelter’s van. As for the dogs, some were injured, while 150 escaped.

The whole ordeal also ended in the death of a dog.

In Abilene, Texas on Friday morning, 38-year-old George Paul Jones is charged with breaking and entering the Abilene/Taylor County Animal Services building.

The Abilene Police Department claimed that Jones would have scaled the perimeter fence of the shelter, entered through the roof, and managed to open most of these cages from the canine side.

Police said he opened more than 150 dog cages at the shelter.

One dog was killed and several others were injured in the fierce fights that broke out between all the freed animals.

During this time, many dogs escaped from the property through an outside door.

damage and more

Police report that a number of components of the building, including its offices and the roof where Jones is alleged to have entered, were damaged.

He fled in a van belonging to the shelter.

According to an arrest report, police located the stolen van and then pursued him.

Jones’ wallet and photo ID were discovered inside the car, which had earlier been reported as an abandoned vehicle. But the wallet was missing when the police returned to the van.

They prepared to search for potential suspects when they discovered Jones with the key to the 2017 Ford Transit van.

According to the arrest report, Jones admitted to breaking into the animal shelter, releasing all the animals from their cages, stealing the van, and breaking into a vacant AEP building near where he threw away the stolen van.

He was taken into custody and charged with auto theft, animal cruelty and breaking into a house.

Bond of $45,500 has been posted for Jones’ detention at the Taylor County Jail.

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animal cruelty

In Texas, it is a crime to intentionally cause pain or suffering to an animal. This is known as animal cruelty.

Texas-based law firm Tijerina McAllen says the offense is punishable by a fine of up to $10,000 and 10 years in prison.

The break-in and ensuing chaos was described as “horrible” by Abilene’s ALL KIND Animal Initiative, which also noted that several animals remain missing despite the efforts of volunteers, police and service workers. animal services to find and care for lost dogs.

A medical fund for injured dogs has been established by the organization.

This isn’t the first time a burglary at an animal shelter has made headlines.

Use bolt cutters to open locks at Jurupa Valley Animal Sanctuary located in Riverside County, California, two people were seen on surveillance camera in April stealing three dogs.

An Oklahoma woman was arrested in March after breaking into an animal shelter just hours before her dog was put to sleep.

Due to incidents involving biting and a dog fight, the woman’s pit bull was arrested.

And in 2018, a US Marine was charged with animal cruelty after allegedly stealing two dogs from the Palms-N-Paws animal shelter in Twentynine Palms, California. Newsweek reported.

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