Dottie saved from the BLM pen

Looking for a forever home

Photo by Jill Moon

Dottie, a wild mustang currently living at Legendary Mustang Sanctuary, available for adoption.

Cora C. Miller

ALHAMBRA – Meet Dottie (aka Dot!), a gorgeous wild mustang horse ready for adoption.

Dot was arrested by the US government and rescued by the Legendary Mustang Sanctuary (LMS), Alhambra. She is currently waiting at the sanctuary for her new loving forever home.

The Legendary Mustang Sanctuary believes that giving an animal a second chance through adoption is one of the greatest commitments. Not only will you be giving a once sick or abused wild mustang a loving home, you’ll also be creating a bond that will last a lifetime.

LMS has a 100% success rate in its adoption program. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) guidelines apply to some of the mustangs for adoption and others must follow sanctuary guidelines for adoption.

For more information about Dot or the adoption program, contact co-founder Kathy Lewis at 618-616-8875 or [email protected] Visit