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DUNKIRK – A couple of brothers in Dunkirk had a big surprise recently when they found a dog in town: the animal belongs to one of their owners.

The saga unfolded on October 6 and began with a call to the town’s animal control officer, Denise Zentz.

“I got a call saying there was a black dog entering and exiting traffic in the Fifth and McKinley area,” Zentz said.

Responding to this area, she saw a group of boys playing. She asked them to be on the lookout for a black dog on the loose and get their parents to call her or call the police if they saw him. Zentz made a few loops around the area to see if she could spot the dog, but didn’t, so she went home.

About two hours later, she got a call from the same resident who called her first: the dog was safe with a few boys she saw playing.

The boys, Anthony Dolce, seventh, and Evan Dolce, fifth, decided to search for the dog, Zentz said.

“They took the initiative on their own” agreed their mother, Jordan Dolce. “We recently had a puppy, so they kind of got more pet care savvy. They took to the street and chased her.

The dog, a pit bull named Delilah, “made a Houdini and came out of a fenced yard”, Zentz said.

After meeting the boys, she took the dog to the town’s animal shelter and posted on Facebook about the lost dog. Just minutes after the post, Josh Tedone, deputy principal of Dunkirk Junior-Senior High School, called her to tell her that the dog was hers and that he was coming to pick it up.

“I invited the boys down (to the shelter) to meet the owner so he could see who helped find his little doggie”, Zentz said.

Coincidentally, the dog was found by one of Tedone’s students, Anthony Dolce. Their boy’s efforts helped him be named one of the Dunkirk School District Student of the Month.

Zentz offered another connection. She shared a clipping from an OBSERVER article from 35 years ago that detailed how the boys’ father, AJ Dolce, made his own rescue when he was a boy, from an injured and infested stray cat. insect named Tramp.

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