El Paso Animal Services Offers Cash Incentive To Adopt A Pet From A Shelter

EL PASO, Texas – If you’ve ever thought about saving a pet and giving it a forever home, this might be a great time to purr.

If you bring a new friend home by Friday, July 23, El Paso Animal Services and The Best Friends Animal Society will give you a $ 125 incentive for each shelter animal you save.

“Our rescues, whether supported or not, are doing the hard work to save the lives of pets. So this will be an opportunity for Animal Services and the Best Friend Animal Society to recognize the hard work of rescues, ”said Ramon Herrera, Interim Director of El Paso Animal Services.

To benefit from the service, you must be a registered partner.

“We want to make sure that the rescues that take a lot of these shelter animals are responsible and that they’re not just going to pick up animals for this incentive,” Herrera said.

That $ 125 might not seem like a lot, but Herrera said it could be used to get vaccines for your new found friend, pet food and more.

If you choose to save a pet, you won’t be matched with just any four-legged friend.

“We’ll see what your abilities are and make sure we put you in touch with the right pet,” Herrera said.

So far in July, Animal Services has seen hundreds of pets enter the El Paso shelter.

“If they could help us by taking an animal that doesn’t need to stay at the shelter, it would create space for another animal to come in,” Herrera said.

If you are not a registered partner but would like to become one, you can go to the Rescue page of the El Paso Animal Services website and complete an application. Then they will prepare you and find your perfect match.

Some other requirements for the incentive include obtaining an animal currently housed at the El Paso Animal Service Center. The animal must be either a dog over 40 pounds, or any animal with medical needs, or any adult cat six months or older.