Euclid Animal Shelter received $32,000 in ARPA funds for repairs and expansions

August 14 – Euclid Animal Shelter received $32,000 for work on the existing building and grounds, including repairing its roof as well as repairing dog fences and expanding their enclosure area for dogs.

The funding was provided through the US Federal Bailout Fund Act and was one of several projects selected by Euclid City Council. Among the projects approved for ARPA funding were the Lake Shore Cultural Center for window replacements, Hero Park for the construction of a trail, and the city itself for the purchase of two new snow plows.

The shelter needed repairs since the pandemic, which increased the demand for the shelter as there was a greater influx of animals in care.

“ARPA funding will go towards repairs to the existing shelter and their buildings as well as repairs to their outdoor dog playpen, to create a more suitable environment for their dogs, especially when they let them play,” said Christine Vazquez, the city’s communications administrator. said. “I think it’s a fantastic use of ARPA funds, I think the animal shelter is a very worthy cause and getting the roof fixed and having that extra space for the dogs is going to be great for them.”

The animal shelter’s expanded dog run area will provide more space for their dogs to exercise and provide space for potential adopters to interact with the animals.

Vazquez said additional financial support for their building and grounds will greatly improve the quality of service the staff can provide.

Repairs at the Euclid Animal Shelter will soon go into effect and the shelter urges anyone wandering to call them directly at 216-289-2057.