Everything We Know About Island Sanctuary in FFXIV: Release Date, Farming, Rewards, and More

In the recent Letter from the Producer Live, players received information on the upcoming additions to Final Fantasy XIV. One of those additions is the new Island Sanctuary for Final Fantasy XIV. This new activity has been compared to Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley in Final Fantasy. Let’s go into more detail about these island shrines and when you can expect them to be added to Final Fantasy XIV.

What is Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIV

This new Island Sanctuary will be a single-player adventure for Final Fantasy XIV players to tackle on their own. The player will be placed on his own island and will have to build his own farm. This is where the Stardew Valley aspect of the activity comes in. You’ll be building your own structures so you can tend to animals, grow your own crops, and gather crafting materials for yourself. While you can’t collect items that are already in-game on your island, all of the items you can get are only available through the island’s shrine, so you can bet they’ll sell as well as some. poetic items on the Market Board if you can sell them on the Market Board.


While it’s unknown if you’ll be able to sell what you craft on the island to other players, you can turn them into NPCs and have them exported off your island to earn island-specific currency. which will be spent to craft your best island. You can also free all of your Wind-ups and other minions to roam around the island. While this has no benefit, it will create some interesting Gpose opportunities with multiple minions.

The important note to remember about Island Sanctuary is that it is a new form of casual gameplay for Final Fantasy XIV. While many players currently spend their free time talking around central cities or crafting next to a market board. The island sanctuary aims to be something new for everyone, but you still feel like you’re playing the game. It might not be social since the island sanctuary is purely an experience. solo, but you may be able to bring some friends over and visit as more details on that are revealed.

When will Island Sanctuary be added to Final Fantasy XIV

The big question that remains on everyone’s mind is when can we expect this to come out. According to the latest letter from the live producer, the team wants Island Sanctuary to be added to the game with patch 6.2. However, this appears to be a big new addition; lately, some recent additions to the game have been pushed back. Much like the recent addition of Data Center Tour which was disabled shortly after it was added to the game. There’s still half a month to go until August and the patch probably won’t release until the months anyway.

When Island Sanctuary is added to the game, you can be sure that we will have plenty of guides to help you create the best island possible.

Final Fantasy XIV is available now on PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 platforms.