Feds cite monkey exhibitor for stunt involving Jeffree Star and James Charles after PETA advice

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October 4, 2021

Moira Colley 202-483-7382

After PETA informed the US Department of Agriculture about a publicity stunt for clothing company Bananas Monkey in which influencers including Jeffree star, Jacques Charles, Swae lee, Michel yerger, Marguerite Keech, Austin mcbroom, and Chantel jeffries– interacted with two monkeys, the agency cited exhibitor Kevin Keith for breaking federal animal welfare law. PETA has just obtained the inspection report.

Keith was cited for failing to maintain direct control of the primates during physical contact with the public when a baboon named Mickey, which was used in the movies Rock of ages and Become difficult– and a Capuchin named Chiquita were forced to hug, shake hands and sit on the shoulders of influencers and other members of the public. The inspector said the stunt could have resulted in “physical harm to the people or animals involved.”

“The monkeys used by exhibitors like Keith are taken from their mother, transported, coerced into performing and forced into one stressful encounter after another,” says Debbie Metzler, associate director of the PETA Foundation for Law Enforcement on animals in captivity. “PETA urges influencers to use their platforms to condemn animal exploitation, not to allow it. “

Baboons, capuchin monkeys and other wildlife used in the entertainment industry are often snatched from their mothers as babies and shipped from town to town to be displayed, used for photo ops, or forced to perform . Primates are intelligent, inquisitive, and social animals who are happiest when surrounded by family, and they have complex physical and psychological needs that simply cannot be met when used for events. In order to suppress their natural behavior and ensure full control over these animals, which can be dangerous and unpredictable, trainers typically use abusive training techniques.

PETA – whose motto says, in part, that “animals are not ours for entertainment” and which opposes speciesism, a human supremacist worldview – alerted influencers to the quote and asked them to pledge never to participate in or endorse cruel acts again. animal exhibitions.

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