Final Fantasy 14 devs finally explain what the Stardew Valley-like Island Sanctuary mode is all about

Final Fantasy 14’s Stardew Valley-style Island Sanctuary mode was revealed in a recent Live Letter stream.

So far, all we knew about the farming simulator inspired mode was that it would be the place to raise animals, farm the land and learn to live off the land, all game fans like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing have come to love.

Although you’ll have to wait for the next Final Fantasy 14 Live Letter stream for a release date and gameplay preview due to the amount of bugs present in the mode’s current pre-release state, producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed. a few more details to tidal fans until then.

Each player will have an island to retreat to, but you can invite free friends and company members to visit. As translated by Final Fantasy 14 Fan Discord (opens in a new tab), Yoshida confirms that NPCs won’t be able to visit, though the team is open to the idea if fans are up for it. Island tours are a big part of Animal Crossing, so you can see the reason for the demand – and hey, it’s not like certain Final Fantasy 14 characters aren’t hugely popular with players.

Naoki Yoshida also showed off a blurry map of what a player’s island will look like. It’s all blurry, so it doesn’t show much, though Yoshida hopes that gives you an idea of ​​the scale.

A look at the island shrine from Final Fantasy 14

(Image credit: Square Enix)

Square Enix also confirms that you’ll be able to gather materials from the wild and that these materials are island-specific, so you won’t have to worry about them taking up valuable inventory space.

You will also be able to collect and take care of various creatures you come across and let all your minions run free. For the collectors among you – read: Pokemon fans – you’ll also notice that some creatures have unique coloring or are rare in other respects.

Yoshida also shares that you can create a base of operations and customize its appearance while unlocking tools for further development. Naturally, you’ll also be able to earn rewards and exchange accumulated island currency for special items.

As picked up by the Final Fantasy 14 Discord, Yoshida also confirms other minor details, such as the lack of Ether Currents, which means you’ll have to wander around your island. Yoshida also joked with a fan that Island Sanctuary is still Final Fantasy 14, not Minecraft.

While you have some time to wait for Island Sanctuary, plenty is coming to the popular MMO to keep you busy. Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.2 is called Buried Memory, which will launch in late August. In addition to more story content and side quests with Tataru, you also get the next phase of the second part of the Pandaemonium raid.

Final Fantasy 14 players can now take flight on top of a huge shibaas they absolutely should.