Find your new family member at the Tri Cities Animal Shelter and Adoption Center

Photo credit Tri City Animal Hospital

Adoption fees for pets aged 4 and over are waived

Although you can’t wrap them on their own, a new pet is a most pleasant and caring gift – for a human and the animal itself.

The Tri-Cities Animal Shelter & Adoption Center, a collaboration between the cities of Cedar Hill, DeSoto and Duncanville, is helping to achieve this. In fact, it’s one of the many ways people can help the shelter on its mission to find new homes for animals, not only during the holiday season, but throughout the year.

During the holiday season, the shelter waives adoption fees for pets 4 years and older. Mary White, the shelter’s interim manager (they are looking for a new manager) and board member, acknowledged that it is well known that most people look for younger animals when it comes time to adopt.

“Various reasons for this,” she explained. “They want children to grow up with a pet. They think that young pets are easier to train. They think animals won’t have bad habits already. And let’s face it, what’s cuter than a puppy or a kitten? “

However, older animals need love, White emphasized. Much like the human adoption system, babies are great, but if they’re the only ones getting attention, what happens to others?

Christmas gifts make great gifts

What makes the Tri-City Animal Shelter‘s needs critical is that it is an “open admission” shelter. This means that if the animal comes from these three cities, the shelter accepts them. They don’t choose which ones to accept. White said this means these animals are often the most vulnerable and the most difficult to adopt.

A Christmas gift in someone’s name is also a special gift for the holidays, White said, giving an example.

“The sister lives in South Carolina and her brother lives in Cedar Hill. The sister said, “My brother, his family and my family here have decided rather than sending gifts across the country – when we all have everything we need anyway – let’s choose a shelter in the area of. the other and donate.

“So the Friends (of the Tri-Cities shelter) received a generous donation, ‘Merry Christmas on behalf of my brother’s family,’” White explained. “The Friends then sent a personal card indicating that a Christmas donation had been made.”

dog on deckchair
Trina the Pit Bull was also adopted via a pet application that specified behavioral qualities (good with children, cats, dogs),

Adopt a kennel

Another great way to help the shelter this time or any time of the year is the Adopt-a-Kennel program. This is a special opportunity for someone to help save more lives with a monthly donation that provides the funds needed to ensure every dog ​​and cat is sterilized. Stopping the kitten and puppy population is key to breaking the cycle of homeless and neglected animals.

In addition, it provides funds to provide the additional veterinary care that many animals that come to the shelter need.

Those who participate in this program have a personalized sign placed on one of the kennels with their name or that of the person they choose to have listed. The costs are $ 50 per month.

“We have an Adopt-a-Kennel sponsor who did this as a birthday present for his mother and put down her mother’s name and said it was” in honor of all the dogs that called home. mom at their house. ”We arranged to meet the daughter, sister and mom at the shelter on her birthday and surprised the mom with the already finished sign,” White said.

“The mother then had the opportunity to choose in which kennel which dog currently lived with to place her sign. A few tears flowed.

Remember a loved one

And, don’t forget the birthday, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, in memory of someone (two or four legs) who has passed away.

“Recently, the Friends received several donations in memory of a deceased woman who took care of a colony of feral cats in her backyard,” White said. “On the donation form that people submitted online, the name of the woman’s daughter was listed, so the Friend sent a personal card to the woman’s daughter expressing the sentiment expressed by those who had made a donation. Don.”

Who made the donation? White said it was the lady’s neighbors. You see, the healing is spreading.