Flash’s daughter already has a secret stash

The Flash #786 revealed that Wally West’s daughter, Irey, has already secured an important part of the superhero role – a secret stash.

The following article contains spoilers from the flash #786, on sale now.

Irey West’s friendship with Maxine Baker, aka Animal Girl, gave her a rebellious side, but the flash #786 (by Jeremy Adams, Amancay Nahuelpan, Jeromy Cox, Peter Pantazis, and AW’s Justin Birch) reveals that isn’t the only thing that has come through their friendship. After meeting while helping the rest of the heroic community during dark crisisthe two parted ways, but not before Maxine mentioned meeting at an undisclosed secret hideout.

It also opens up a number of possibilities for girls. For starters, it implies that there will likely be a flashback story of how the two acquired the hideout. More interestingly, it begs the question of exactly what kind of hideout these two might have. Irey and Maxine are still kids, and it’s unlikely their parents have just given them a hiding place, which makes for an intriguing mystery.

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Additionally, Maxine’s occasional mention of the location implies that the two had their “secret hideout” for some time. However, the location may not be so secret. Maxine mentioned it in front of Irey’s brother, Jai, implying he’s already in on the secret. One reason for this might have something to do with him feeling the need to keep an eye on them, as he expressed a dislike for the two running off together without him.

Another question concerns exactly what the hiding place is and what it entails. They are still children after all, and what they consider a hiding place is certainly colored by their childhood perceptions. This means that their meeting place will certainly not be anywhere along the lines of Superman’s Fortress or Batman’s Bat-Cave. The hideout is most likely a treehouse or something similar, though with their level of ingenuity it’s entirely possible they’ve found a way to create something quite unique.

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Irey West is destined to become more powerful in the Speed ​​Force than her father, and Maxine is the Red’s current avatar. This gives both girls the potential to be very powerful, and it’s entirely possible that their hideout is somehow tied to their powers. It wouldn’t be impossible for Irey to create a secret pocket within the speed force that only a select few could even access. Meanwhile, Maxine’s powers may have taken her to some mystical animal sanctuary.

Ultimately, this disposable line creates a number of opportunities for girls. It sets up new stories for them and also invites stories in which their powers can be explored in greater depth. More importantly, it shows that they are determined to establish themselves as heroes, even at the cost of keeping a few secrets from their parents.