Former librarian takes on lead role at shelter | Local News

The Park County Animal Shelter has a new executive director.

On Tuesday, the shelter announced the arrival of Amanda Munn, a Texas native who has spent her career in education.

Munn started on Monday and said his first order of business was to simply follow shelter staff to learn their duties, then get out and meet the people of Cody.

“What I’m looking forward to is getting to know Cody, the people, the history of the animal shelter,” she said. “This shelter is like a core of the city. Many people make recurring donations. This community really appreciates this place and I would like to know the people.

After former director Megan McLean stepped down, the board scrambled to find a strong candidate for the shelter. According to a statement from the shelter, McLean has always been supportive of the shelter during the transition.

“We look forward to working with Amanda and seeing her energy and skills added to our team, said Outreach Coordinator Jackie Hinther.

Munn is also excited to get started.

“The PCAS Board of Directors has worked hard to create a place where animals can get the highest level of care while they are between homes,” Munn said. “I’m excited to join the team at this time and use my skills to help move the PCAS mission forward.”

Munn’s husband moved to Cody last spring after getting a job with US Fish and Wildlife. She remained in a small community near Eagle Pass, Texas, operating four library branches.

They had four dogs and six cats when they lived there, but she left five of her cats with her mother, bringing her dogs and a cat to whom her little dog is devoted, since the couple found the little kitten on the edge of the road. near where they previously lived in Great Falls, Mt.

She said most of her animals are rescues, so she knows the shelter experience very well from a community perspective.

She also at one point rescued horses from a slaughterhouse, cared for them, and rehomed them.

“I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason,” she said. “It might be one of my callings that I haven’t tapped into, so I’m very excited. Being in education, the skills you learn from teaching can work in any field. Learning to Work with people has been very valuable to me.

Munn said his role as a librarian is largely about defending the institution in a world of digital information. Naturally, reading is one of his main hobbies, along with gardening and walking his dogs.

Now she wants to focus on being an advocate for the shelter and the animals cared for there.

“My passion for placing animals into loving and caring homes is what has driven me to pursue the role of Executive Director of PCAS,” Munn said. “I have been involved in the education sector for most of my career, but I have an unwavering love for all animals. been placed in my way.