“Foster a Philly Pet”: PSPCA, ACCT and PAWS ask for help

Meanwhile, the number of animals in need of a permanent home has not slowed down. According to Forgotten Cats, an adoption and entrapment, sterilization and return agency in the tri-state area, there has been an explosion in the kitten population because the pandemic has forced many organizations to scale back operations. sterilization and sterilization. (Forgotten Cats is also looking for host families in the area.)

ACCT Philly, the Philadelphia nonprofit association for animal control services, must welcome any animal that walks through its doors. The organization achieved a live release rate of 92% in January – its highest level on record – meaning 92% of animals that entered the shelter were adopted or sent to rescue partners. Soon, however, ACCT Philly saw its shelter fill up as it also saw a drop in foster care and adoptions.

Sarah Barnett, director of development and communications for ACCT Philly, said whenever the nonprofit organization’s shelter is full, it can usually send pets to partner organizations such as the PSPCA. and PAWS. But this year, all of those groups are also dealing with full shelters.

Shadow, a 3-year-old shepherd mix, was rescued by the PSPCA Humanitarian Law Enforcement team. (PSPCA)

Since ACCT Philly must accommodate all animals, full shelter means making tough decisions about making room and euthanizing some animals.

“We don’t want to get to a point where we are euthanizing happy, healthy animals just for the sake of space,” Barnett said, adding that the goal of animal welfare groups is to bring Philadelphia to the point where it will become a no-kill town.

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