Group is pushing for Horry County’s animal welfare laws to be changed

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – The Horry County Public Safety Committee has sent a resolution to the entire county council that would update the current county animal welfare laws.

Animal Voice Alliance of Horry County spokeswoman Lynn Greco said it is about time and has been pushing the county council to improve the laws for some time.

“Animal welfare laws in Horry County at this point are practically archaic,” Greco said.

Now she’s hoping they finally get closer after Tuesday’s committee meeting.

The law, if passed, will revise three sections of the county’s current animal welfare laws to make them more stringent.

The resolution says it would provide more information on how people should take care of animals, update rules for breeders and transport.

A few months ago, a similar resolution was presented to the board. This resolution attempted to ban puppy mills and backyard farms, as well as change the rules for dogs riding in the backs of vans on certain roads. However, it was not adopted and was referred to the public safety committee.

Now Greco hopes that this compromised resolution will pass.

“So many surrounding regions are making progress in their reviews and improving animal welfare in their counties and it is time for us to do the same,” she added.

Sorry County Police Captain Justin Wyatt said if the whole council passes the resolution, they will still have work to do.

“People have to understand the laws, and they have to understand what a real shelter is or what a pet their needs are. And this law sort of defines that basic work, ”he said.

He will have to walk past the council for three readings. The public’s contribution will be authorized at second reading.

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