Help an animal rescue group settle unpaid bills

Rescued animals, especially injured and sick ones, need veterinary care.

This requires funds because veterinary care is expensive, especially when it comes to treating severe cases.

As such, the Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB) Canine Welfare Project consistently pays the recurring vet bills.

MDDB director Irene Low said the NGO’s veterinary bills were very high as rescued dogs required treatment while some required follow-up clinic visits.

She said that in cases where the dogs were ill or seriously injured, the cost was higher due to the extended period of hospitalization. “As a rescue group, what is important to us is that these dogs have a second chance to survive and move forward in life,” she said.

She cited as an example one of MDDB’s rescues, Patch the Diva who was rescued at the age of one month with crushed limbs.

Patch was taken to a veterinary hospital in Petaling Jaya. He is now seven years old and still goes there for follow-up visits.

Patch the Diva when she is rescued and treated.

“He had all of his operations there and survived all of those years,” Low said.

“But being a financially struggling dog rescue group, the MDDB is more often than not struggling with escalating veterinary bills.

“Our bills at the Gasing Veterinary Hospital have piled up and we are grateful that the vets still treat our dogs there.

“But the hospital has to be paid for, so that we can continue to have uninterrupted service for our dogs,” she said.

In view of this, the MDDB yesterday launched a fundraiser near the entrance to Gasing Veterinary Hospital, Petaling Jaya. It ends on December 19.

Low said an adoption campaign will also take place on December 18.

“We will be there from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. on December 17 and from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. on December 18 and 19,” she added.

Those who wish to contribute can pay directly at the hospital cashier or via MDDB there.

Those who wish to issue checks at the hospital can also do so.

For details on how to contribute, email [email protected] or visit