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Abandoned. Cold. Scared. Two tiny tufts of orange fur were piled up for warmth by the side of the road. Their chances of survival were slim. But then a kind-hearted stranger stopped the car, picked them up and shared their story on social media. Now, with a new home and a seemingly endless supply of toys, treats and affection, these kittens are living their best lives. This is the story of Hoagie and Pierogi, two drifters from Washington County who hit the jackpot.

Or, if you’re a dog lover, you can’t help but be moved by the fate of Angel, a cherub dog pregnant with 10 puppies when her family realized they couldn’t afford to be take care of her. With help from Bridge to Home Animal Rescue (and a flower-laden photoshoot), Angel quickly found foster parents who could help her safely deliver her puppies and connect with her family. own loving family.

Americans love animals, and supporting animal-related causes through charitable donations and services is deeply rooted in this country’s philanthropic history. In fact, the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) was founded in New York City in 1866. It was only a few years after the establishment of the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. At the time, the ASPCA was the first organization of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. But that has since changed.

According to NPR, there are approximately 14,000 pet shelters and rescue groups in the United States, and that figure only includes providers that cater to the needs of pets.

Financial contributions are an essential part of any charity’s ability to deliver its programs and services, and animal lovers are especially passionate about helping their furry friends. Very recently, the Betty White Challenge has taken social media by storm. The movement encouraged modest donations to local animal shelters in memory of the beloved late actress. Meta reports that a whopping $12.7 million has been raised globally through the campaign on Facebook and Instagram.

A little closer to home, the Washington County Community Foundation sees the same kind of enthusiasm among local animal lovers every year at its annual giving day, WCCF Gives. Last year alone, a total of nearly 850 donations were made to the six participating animal welfare organizations.

But when there are so many options and not much to give, it can sometimes be difficult to choose where to direct a charitable donation. For those who would like the opportunity to broadly help local animals of all stripes, WCCF has a solution: the Animal Fund.

The fund was created to support programs that provide care and protection for domesticated and non-domesticated animals in Washington County. As a pooled fund, contributions are welcome from anyone at any time, and donations are combined to result in more impactful grants. But before it can issue awards, the Animal Fund must grow.

Contributions by check can be mailed to WCCF. Or, donors can also give online via

Later this spring, WCCF will partner with the Washington Wild Things for a unique fundraising opportunity. A special 20th anniversary sweater sponsored by the Community Foundation will be auctioned off at the Wild Things home opening on Friday, May 13, with all proceeds going to the Animal Fund. Since the auction will be hosted online via, anyone can participate from anywhere.

Thinking of bidding? Visit to learn more and go wild with your support of the Animal Fund on behalf of all the animals you love!