Humane Society organizes an adoption event to close the Balkan Little Days | KSNF/KODE

PITTSBURG, Ks. — Little Balkan Days wraps up this weekend with something big for a local animal shelter.

This afternoon, the Southeast Kansas Humane Society hosted an adoption event at Lakeside Park.

People were able to meet some of the dogs up for adoption at the shelter.

Principal Jasmine Kyle says socializing events like this are important to residents, especially Robert the five-year-old beagle.

He was among 4,000 people rescued from a ranch in Virginia earlier this year, and today was his first time at a park.

“He was born in this facility, and that’s all they know, they’ve never seen a tree. When they arrived at our shelter, they were a little hesitant on the grass when we first took them out. So it’s really important that you work through that overstimulation with them,” says Kyle, “We always like to see how they’re going to behave outside, how they’re going to behave around other people and letting them enjoy what they are about to live with their family.

The shelter has also restarted its dog removal program.

This is where people leave one of the residents for part of the day.

They can take them into town for things like a walk or a crappie and then bring them back to the shelter.

To participate, simply come to the refuge during normal opening hours.