In OKC, which MAPS 4 project do you think should start first?

In December 2019, Oklahoma City voters approved a 1 cent sales tax to raise $ 978 million for 16 MAPS 4 projects, ranging from upgrades to an arena and animal shelter to housing for low-income people, facilities for social service agencies and public transit. We asked readers which project do they think should start first, and why?

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Of the 45 scalable responses, 72% offered a response, including this unsigned response: “As long as the fairground arena, the downtown arena expansion and the football stadium last, I will be happy. We are experiencing unprecedented human conflicts in this city, and these investment projects can wait a bit. People need help now. Remember how the convention center was prioritized as the first MAPS 3 project? And it was still one of the last to be completed, some 10 years ago and more after the vote.

Another responded that priority should be given to what generates the most revenue for the city and suggested that a football stadium or a colosseum exhibition center had the greatest potential return on sales tax.

Others suggested focusing on beautification efforts and things like sidewalks, bike paths, and street lights.

Here are other comments from respondents:

  • “Any article south of the river. Why ? Because we are tired of being the overlooked, underserved and neglected neighborhood. ” – South River
  • “Housing and medicine for our most needy neighbors. ” – Alex Shirley
  • Animal Shelter – current one is old and filled to capacity. Needs resources to complete ‘no kill’ mission.” – Patricia Sawyer
  • “Our homeless population has increased dramatically. A substantial investment in this area would help tackle drug addiction, unemployment, mental health and healthcare for individuals and single parents with children. Reducing homelessness would improve the economy and be of great benefit to the whole community. unsightly areas around town – beautifying by ending or reducing homelessness. ” – Antoinette Roach

  • “The Latin American Community Development Agency believes that social service agencies should be the # 1 priority due to the impact COVID has had on the whole community – mental health, drug addiction, domestic violence, anxiety, suicidal behavior, etc. help schools and families achieve ‘normalcy’ faster. ” – Raúl Font, president of LCDA

– Compiled by Yesenia Jimenez

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