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FEEDING TIME: Linda and Chloe Smith, of York, feed the rescued nanny goat and her two children at the Wetheriggs Animal Center, Greta Bridge

The WETHERIGGS Animal Rescue and Conservation Center has seen an increase in the number of large animals that have
been abandoned, especially goats.
The latest to receive sanctuary is a Saanen goat and her two children who had been left in a staging area in Yorkshire.
Center operator Terry Bowes said, “She just had a noose around her neck tied to a tree.
“They’ve been here a few days and she’s put on some weight – she was very underweight when she arrived. She’s done well in raising her babies – I would say they’re three or four months old, a billy and a nanny. . “
More satisfying for the center is the repatriation of a South African Boer goat, which had been abandoned on a farm near Penrith.
Mr Bowes said: “They said it was a dwarf goat, but look at her, she’s the size of a cow.”
Going to the same house is an Angora goat that had already been rescued.
While the center finds homes for nurse goats, it is much more difficult to find places for male goats, he said.
Two mixed breed lambs were also deposited at Wetheriggs.
Mr Bowes said: ‘They had two pet lambs last year and they don’t know how it happened [that they became pregnant] because they don’t have a tut. Mothers rejected them because they were too young.
While there has been a sharp increase in the number of abandonments of large animals, the reverse is true for smaller creatures.
Mr Bowes said: “On the small animals we had fewer entries and more relocations due to the pandemic and people in custody wanted an animal in the house.”
One animal whose center usually has an abundance is the rabbit, but now they are a rarity due to an outbreak of VHD (viral hemorrhagic disease) in the area. Most of the rabbits in the center have found new homes. Mr Bowes attributed the abundance of roadside dead rabbits to the disease. But he said, “Buzzards love it.”
Mr Bowes urged people to get their pet rabbits vaccinated against HDV.

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