Iowa Farm Sanctuary Receives Global Accreditation

OXFORD, Iowa (KCRG) – Iron Man and Glitter are the names of two pigs who were saved by the Iowa Farm Sanctuary team. Their home recently gained accreditation from the World Federation of Animal Sanctuaries. It recognizes a high level of care.

Only 150 other farms in the world have this distinction and it’s the only one in Iowa.

Deputy Director Katie Valentine says the road to achieving this goal has not been easy.

“We had to put in place a lot of protocols and policies, either the ones we already had or the ones we had created from scratch,” she told TV-9.

But co-founder Shawn Camp says they stayed diligent, knowing we’re doing this for the animals.

“Farm animal rescues are really new, so there’s not a lot of licensing or checks and balances to make sure these farm animal rescues are doing the right things,” Camp said.

For many of their pets, frequent visits to the vet and lots of extra care are a necessity. It is also something that requires a lot of funding, most of which comes from donors. That’s why this accreditation means so much more to the farm.

“It instills a lot of confidence in our donors that we are a reputable organization,” Valentine said.

“It proves that not only are we fiscally responsible, but that we provide the best care for our animals beyond providing them with a home, Camp said.

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