It’s Your Turn: Celebrate Pets

Unconditional love, increased happiness, and reduced stress…these are just a few of the many benefits pets bring to our lives.

May is National Pet Month, a time to celebrate and recognize all the animals that have a loving paw print on our hearts and are beloved members of our families. This is also the time to recognize the animals that are still waiting for their fur.

Since 1960, Humane Society Naples has been dedicated to caring for lost, injured and abandoned animals. Over 2,500 homeless cats, dogs and other small pets have called HSN home in the last year alone – for as long as it took us to help them find new homes – and we found homes for over 110,000 animals over more than 60 years.

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HSN is a privately funded, non-profit organization focused on sheltering animals in times of need, finding lifetime homes, and advocating for responsible pet ownership. We work with local partner organizations to provide a strong safety net for our animal community – in Naples and throughout Collier County – through our fostering, fostering and adoption programs, as well as veterinary care. .

While most people think of HSN as an animal shelter, we’re really here to help families. Pets are an important part of the family unit, and we work hard to keep pets with their human counterparts. This may mean providing families with pet food from our Denny Plesea Pet Food Bank or medical care through the Humane Society Naples Veterinary Clinic. We also help families with behavioral training and emergency onboarding services for people in crisis. We strive to keep people together with their pets whenever possible.

Thanks to our generous donors, we can and do provide the highest quality of service and care to the animals in our care and to the people who turn to HSN for help. As a no-kill shelter, we have the resources and staff to focus on animals that need extra help and time. We strive to fulfill a public need as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. This means that we rely on donations and private funding. It also means that we are sometimes limited in what we can do and sometimes have to rely on other public bodies to deliver taxpayer-funded services. We also work closely with local animal welfare agencies and other non-profit organizations to do our best for our entire community.

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After two years of pandemic-related limitations, we are excited to reinvigorate our outreach efforts to meet families in the community where pet services and support are needed most. This program is anchored by our Paige Conery Mobile Veterinary Clinic, equipped to provide vital resources and services to families who lack access to quality, affordable pet care. Our veterinary care teams regularly travel to communities like Everglades City, Golden Gate City and East Naples, where pet resources can be scarce. The mobile clinic provides the same high quality care we provide at our main shelter clinic in Naples and has helped us reach over 1,000 families in the last 12 months to provide essential medical care free or at a cost. reduced, food, supplies and information for their pets.

HSN operates with the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience animal companionship. Stop by and visit us anytime. We welcome the opportunity to show you around and share more information about HSN and the services we provide to our community. I promise you’ll leave with a smile on your face – and maybe even a new family member!

Sarah Baeckler is executive director of Humane Society Naples, a privately funded nonprofit organization founded to respond to a growing homeless animal population in Collier County. Its mission remains to shelter animals in times of need, find forever homes and advocate for responsible pet ownership. For more information, visit